Make your holiday travel easy at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Dec 16, 2016
December is a busy time at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport as travellers head home to spend the holidays with their loved ones or take off on a winter escape. As the airport experiences increased passenger volumes, the following tips will help keep travellers in the holiday spirit:

PortsToronto Commences Dredging Activities

Sep 23, 2016
PortsToronto is in the process of removing up to 40,000 tons of debris and sediment from the mouth of the Don River, with the goal of preventing future flooding and stemming  the flow of unwanted material into Toronto’s Harbour which can pose a risk to boater navigation and public safety.


Celebrating Canadian Sports Hero Marilyn Bell

Sep 08, 2016
At 8:15 PM on September 9, 1954, an exhausted and nearly numb 16-year-old woman touched the breakwater at Toronto’s Boulevard Club on the seawall along Humber Bay.  After nearly 21 hours in freezing water battling five-metre waves, nausea, darkness and vampire-like lamprey eels, Marilyn Bell had done the impossible – she had swum 52 kilometres across Lake Ontario from New York State to Toronto.

De-icing at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Mar 01, 2016
With colder winter temperatures comes the need to  de-ice aircraft—a common safety precaution that involves spraying aircraft with de-icing and anti-icing fluids that help to prevent or remove the build-up of ice and snow, and ensure a safe take-off for aircraft.

Annual Ice and Cold Water Rescue Training

Feb 25, 2016
This week, the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Fire Department held its annual joint ice and cold water rescue training alongside Toronto Fire Services and Toronto Police Services Marine Unit.