Billy Bishop Airport Releases Third-Annual Sustainability Report

Billy Bishop Airport today released its 2019 Sustainability Report. This is the third edition of the Billy Bishop Airport Sustainability Report which documents measures taken to implement policies, programs and initiatives to make the airport cleaner, greener and quieter, in an effort to set a new standard for how a modern airport operates in an urban environment.
“The global aviation industry will continue to face the rolling impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis for months and years to come. However, despite the challenges and temporary setbacks that have resulted from the pandemic, Billy Bishop Airport continues to prioritize its role as a leader in sustainable airport operations,” said Gene Cabral, Executive Vice President of Billy Bishop Airport. “Our airport is immensely proud of its record on sustainability and in presenting this report, we strive to document our achievements to date, and clearly define future goals as well as areas for improvement.”
In 2019, Billy Bishop Airport continued to implement sustainable practices, support the community and the wellbeing of its employees, and invest in programs and infrastructure that protect the environment and grow Toronto’s economy. Some of these initiatives include:
  • Initiate the conversion of the airport’s Marilyn Bell I passenger/vehicle ferry to electric-power, which will significantly reduce noise associated with ferry operations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 530 tonnes;
  • Commence a Ground Noise Study aimed at identifying, understanding and mitigating the airport’s most significant sources of operational noise;
  • Commence an air-quality study with the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association and University of Toronto; and,
  • Continue to choose 100% green electricity from Bullfrog Power—the only airport in Canada to do so.
Billy Bishop Airport’s sustainability report was prepared in consultation with Delphi Group, a pioneer in sustainability and environmental risk management with more than 25 years of experience helping some of Canada’s best-known companies improve the sustainability of their organizations.
To read Billy Bishop Airport’s full sustainability report, click here.