Final Year of Airfield Rehabilitation Program to Commence at Billy Bishop Airport

Toronto (May 25, 2018) – As part of the final year of the three-year Airfield Rehabilitation Program, the public may notice airside construction activities at Billy Bishop Airport from May 28 until mid-November. This project began in 2016 with the resurfacing of the main runway and is being undertaken in an effort to modernize the airport and ensure it continues to serve as an economic engine for the city, as well as providing efficient service to the 2.8 million passengers who travel through the airport each year.
Activities scheduled for this final year of the rehabilitation program are outlined below. Please note that the majority of the work being undertaken on the airfield can only take place during overnight hours (11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.) when the airfield and runway are closed to commercial aircraft traffic. While no significant construction activities are anticipated during daytime hours, deliveries of material and equipment by barging between port lands and the south side of the airport will take place during that time, as was the case in the first two years of construction.
Projects that will be part of this final year of construction will include:
Taxiway Alpha Rehabilitation: The milling and paving of Taxiway Alpha is anticipated to take place during overnight hours (as noted above) in June 2018.
Apron Expansion and Reconstruction: Work on the full-depth reconstruction of the main aircraft apron, including 11.5m apron widening to the south between Taxiways Bravo and Charlie, is anticipated to commence in June and last until mid-November. The work activities are anticipated to take place during overnight hours (as noted above).
Taxiway Charlie and Foxtrot Rehabilitation:
The milling and paving of Taxiways Charlie and Foxtrot including the addition of new shoulders, is anticipated to take place during overnight hours (as noted above) from late-June and to early-September 2018.
Completion of Improvements to West Service Road: The improvements to a portion of the west service road south of Runway 08-26 is anticipated to take place during overnight hours (as noted above) between May 28 and June 11.
Electrical Infrastructure Replacement on Taxiway Delta: The replacement of aging electrical infrastructure (taxiway edge lights, transformers, cabling) with new LED taxiway edge lights, transformers and cabling is anticipated to take place during overnight hours (as noted above) between May and end of September 2018.
In order to minimize impacts to the neighbourhood from the project’s associated construction activities, the seasonal barging operation is anticipated to resume on/about June 11 and continue through to the estimated completion of construction work in November. Barging operations will take place during nighttime as well as daytime hours as required to support construction operations. Throughout the project, PortsToronto will continue to make best efforts to minimize disruption and regrets any inconvenience construction activities may cause.
Project Website: The project website will continue to be updated with a weekly look-ahead of anticipated construction activities and photos. Please refer to
On behalf of everyone at PortsToronto, Billy Bishop Airport and our construction team, we would like to thank the community and airport stakeholders for their patience over the next few months. We have and will continue to employ all means and measures possible to mitigate the effect of our operations and that includes construction on the airfield.