New and Upgraded Noise Monitor Terminals to Enhance Noise Tracking at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Toronto (May 31, 2016) – As part of PortsToronto’s commitment to managing noise generated by operations related to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (Billy Bishop Airport), the two Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs), located on the Toronto Police Marine Unit building and the airport’s on-island Fire Hall, will be upgraded this year. The terminals are the foundation of the airport’s noise monitoring system and provide ongoing noise-level data to the airport’s Noise Management Office. This data is then used in long-term noise mitigation planning and in responding to noise complaints from the surrounding community.
The noise data transmitted by the NMTs is also viewable through the airport’s free, publically-accessible WebTrak website – an Internet-based software service that enables individuals to locate and track aircraft on their computer or tablet screen and research information on the aircraft, including the aircraft type, the destination and point of departure.  
In addition to the upgrade of the two existing NMTs, a third additional NMT will be installed on the mainland ferry terminal building. This new NMT will enable enhanced tracking of noise generated by aircraft run-ups and the airport’s ferry operation, specifically – two key areas of focus under Billy Bishop Airport’s overall noise management program. The new NMT will fully integrate into the airport’s existing noise management system and back-end equipment.

These and all other capital improvements made at Billy Bishop Airport are financed entirely by PortsToronto.