Toronto Port Authority Accepting Expressions of Interest for Opening on Community Liaison Committee

The Toronto Port Authority (TPA) is now accepting Expressions of Interest (EOI) for an opening on the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) Community Liaison Committee (CLC) for a sitting member. The position is open to any resident of the waterfront community who is interested in being part of the Committee.
The CLC works with the TPA and waterfront community to expand community engagement and communication with the residents and businesses surrounding the BBTCA. The Committee also provides feedback and advice from the community with regards to airport development, operations and activities.
The Committee is made up of representatives of the Toronto waterfront community, including residents, businesses, consumers, travellers and members of the aviation industry. CLC meetings are open to the public and are held at the Harbourfront Community Centre four times per year.
Four local residents are recruited and appointed to the committee. Three local residents on the committee are nominated from the local neighbourhood associations; Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association, York Quay Neighbourhood Association and Toronto Island Community Association. The forth public resident on the committee is chosen through this Expression of Interest recruitment process.
Committee members serve a two-year term, which includes the following duties:
·         Be responsible for soliciting input and feedback from the broader constituencies and committees they represent, and for sharing this with the committee.
·         Provide advice, feedback and perspectives on questions, proposals or other matters provided by BBTCA management and the TPA for discussion.
·         Communicate committee discussions and outcomes back to their organizations, communities and constituencies.
·         Attend committee and subcommittee meetings as required, and brief an alternate if necessary.
·         Review the committee minutes to ensure that proceedings have been accurately recorded.
To learn more about the history and terms of conditions of the CLC, view meeting minutes or for more information about the Committee, please click here.
For more information or to submit an EOI, please contact
The deadline for submission is November 14, 2014.