Dog rescued from BBTCA ferry ramp finds a happy ending with ferry operator

Dog photoOn June 4, 2014, the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) fire rescue crew responded to an unusual call for help at the mainland ferry terminal. Perched underneath the ferry ramp was a damp and frightened eight-month-old bullmastiff puppy. Using the Jaws of Life, the fire crew saved the pup—unharmed, but shaken.

At the scene that day was Bob Baker, BBTCA ferry operator. Following the puppy’s rescue, Bob covered him with a warm blanket, fed him treats and stayed with him until Animal Services arrived on the scene. While no one knows how the dog ended up under the ramp that day, one thing is certain: a kindred bond formed between Bob and this mystery pup.

Following the rescue, the dog was cared for by staff and veterinarians at Toronto Animal Services and waited for the owner to come forward to claim him—but no one came. Once it was clear that the dog had been abandoned, Bob knew the puppy belonged with him and headed to the shelter to bring him home.

After more than three hours of bonding time at the shelter, Bob brought the dog—now called “Gus”—home with him. Gus is currently staying with Bob as a foster dog, but Bob plans to make Gus a permanent family member as soon as he is officially available for adoption. Bob says that Gus is already housebroken, has a gentle temperament and is “a big suck.” Gus is settling well into his home, where he is showered with love and plays with his new “sibling” Molly, Bob’s nine-year-old Labrador retriever.

We love a happy ending!