PortsToronto 2017 Noise Management Report for Billy Bishop Airport Available Online

The 2017 Noise Management Report for Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport has been released and reflects an increase in complaints year-over-year but an overall 43% decrease in complaints since 2013. The report compiles all noise data submitted to the airport’s Noise Management Office over the course of the year and highlights the airport’s noise-mitigation efforts which include investments in infrastructure and policies to reduce noise.

In 2017 overall noise complaints increased from 236 complaints to 271 complaints, due in part to new regional flight routes which tracked over Algonquin Island. Construction activities undertaken by Nieuport Aviation, in association with the terminal upgrade also generated increased noise and additional ferry movements.

However, the new Ground Run-Up Enclosure (GRE), which went into operation in April 2017, has decreased complaints related to scheduled engine-run ups by 97 per cent since its opening. With aircraft take-offs and landings up in 2017 by more than 5,100 movements, the declining numbers are indicative of how Billy Bishop’s noise program is keeping pace with its growth.

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