PortsToronto Releases its Second Annual Sustainability Report

On February 23, 2017, PortsToronto released its second annual Sustainability Report, which provides an overview of our organization’s focus on sustainable initiatives and practices that protect the environment, invest in the community and grow Toronto’s economy.
From small initiatives such as moving away from coffee machines that require aluminum pods to larger-scale projects such as replacing all runway lighting at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport to be more energy efficient, every little bit counts as we look around our business to determine what we can do better or differently to maximize our efforts and improve our sustainability.
Going forward, key areas of focus include GHG emission and waste reduction, noise mitigation and continued investment in Toronto’s waterfront community. In 2017 and beyond, PortsToronto will continue to provide regular updates on organizational achievements and progress related to each of the next steps identified in the report.
PortsToronto invites you to take a moment to read the report to learn more about PortsToronto and how the organization is striving to reduce its environmental footprint and strike an effective balance on Toronto’s waterfront. Read the report here or watch a short video on what sustainability means to PortsToronto.