TPA Introduces New Noise Management System

Airport Noise Complaints for May 2011

The TPA has implemented new public monthly noise reporting this month, having installed a state of the art system to trackflights and match them to the complaints. In February 2011, the TPA committed to having the new system up and running before the summer.

Newly released statistics for May 2011, show that of the 35 complaints, six were as a result of scheduled air service, while seven were related to military aircraft operations. Total complaints were down 45 per cent year over year.

TPA CEO Geoff Wilson said the new system, has yielded some useful results. “We can now tell with greater certainty which flights are causing concern,” Wilson said, adding that a number of complaints were about aircraft unrelated to the operation of Billy Bishop Airport. The new system will allow the airport to better ensure the airport policies and procedures are consistently followed, and to take the necessary action if a violation occurs, Wilson added.

The TPA introduced its new Noise Management Programme in February 2011, in response to recommendations made in the Jacobs Consultancy Report of February 2010. Consistent with best practices at other international airports, experienced noise management staff are responsible for monitoring aircraft operations and responding to noise complaints within five business days, and making monthly reports public within three weeks of the end of the previous month. All 35 complaints were responded to within the five-day customer service window.


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