Billy Bishop Airport works with its neighbours at the waterfront. In 2010 it set up a Community Liaison Committee to expand community engagement and communications with the residents and businesses near Billy Bishop Airport.

Setting up such a committee was one of 16 recommendations Billy Bishop Airport accepted in an independent report entitled Billy Bishop Airport - Noise Management Study - Interim Report in February 2010.

Want to know what the Community Liaison Committee does?
Take a look at its Terms of Reference and Communications Protocols. Billy Bishop Airport followed international best practices in setting up the committee, and consulted the community on the terms of reference, prior to setting up the committee in Fall 2011.

Want to know what's been discussed?
Please review the Committee's meeting minutes.

Want to know when the Committee meets?
The CLC meets four times per year and in 2021 the committee will meet on the following dates:

  • 24 février 2021
  • 26 mai 2021
  • 24 septembre 2021
  • 24 novembre 2021
The Committee's meetings are open to the public and are held at the Harbourfront Community Centre on a quarterly basis.